Generic Tizanidine (ZANAFLEX)

Active Substance: Tizanidine
Indian (selling) Brand: Tizan / Sirdalud
Manufacturing: Intas / Sunpharma
Dosage: 2mg
Form release: blister 6 pills / 10 pills
Shipping time: 9 – 18 days

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Tizanidine – a muscle relaxant central action. Once in the body of the drug active substance reduces skeletal muscle tone, reduces their resistance to passive movements, reduces spasmodic reaction, increases arbitrary cuts.
In general, the drug has a muscle-relaxing effect due to inhibition of spinal reflexes polysynaptic. This action is caused by the release of amino acids from presynaptic terminals of spinal interneurons.

In accordance with the instructions for use of tizanidine, the recommended starting dose is 2 mg.
Since the effect of the pills reaches a peak of approximately 1 to 2 hours after dosing and dissipated in the period of 3 to 6 hours after the treatment may be carried out at intervals of 6 to 8 hours. During the day you can take no more than three tablets.
The dosage may be gradually increased to 4 mg per dose, when four days after the beginning of treatment followed by no positive effect. The total daily dose should not exceed 36 mg. Single doses up to 16 mg have not been studied.

Reviews of tizanidine

Tizanidine – a drug that patients tolerated differently. Reviews of this pharmaceutical preparation leads to the conclusion that it is not always welcome having the expected effect.
Side effects are manifested in one of three cases.

For example, from Barnaul Elena says:
“… Appointed tizanidine, because began to torment severe muscle pain and spasms. After receiving the second tablets felt severe dizziness, weakness, and the urge to vomit. I thought it was just my body is so weak that reacts so. I decided that further pills will be fine. But no, all continued and even aggravated – stomach problems, pressure, heart palpitations. After going to the doctor replaced the pills.
Oleg from Novosibirsk also wrote of the manifestation of adverse reactions:
“… He began to take tizanidine and after the first pill almost fell asleep at work. To understand the mechanism of action – muscle spasm passes during sleep.
It should be noted that such reviews in the Internet unit, mainly reviews are positive, indicating that the effectiveness of this drug.